The Greatest Gift Ever began with a conversation between my wife and I. She was very burdened for some of her family that do not know Christ. Many of them profess to be Christian, and can recite the Christmas and Easter stories, yet they have no understanding of the real meaning of the life, death and resurrection of our Lord. While considering how to effectively communicate the Gospel with them the Lord gave us a thought. They already believe in Christmas, they love to celebrate it. Why not use that? We then sought out the help of Joshua Martyn of Forgiven films, who has worked on Christian films for years. He developed a script using Biblical accounts that weave the story of Christ from Genesis to Revelation. We call it "the whole story".  Hundreds of people from local churches all over the Midwest have lent a hand in this project which took more than six months to complete, with a cost of over $20,000. So what's next? With your help, the film will make its way around the world this Christmas. From your loved ones, coworkers, and congregations to the thousands of prison cells, hospitals, and military bases that will be receiving the Christmas Cards. We believe this is the story that must be told to a lost world, it is the only story that has the power to save. This is your opportunity to greatly impact those around you with The Greatest Gift Ever.

     Pastor Matt Stahlman
     Faith Baptist Church